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 India's crowd-sourced library of regional resources, relief efforts, support groups and data related to COVID-19

This project is modeled based on the Coronavirus Tech Handbook

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Last updated: April 16th 2020

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This website and our viral kindness groups may contain information about medical conditions and treatments. The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such. We bear no responsibility for any decisions or actions taken resulting from information found in these resources, nor do we claim that any of it is complete, true, accurate, up-to-date, or non-misleading. Use and re-use it at your own risk!

**NEW** Viral Kindness groups **NEW**

These are groups created by volunteers at for local communities to assist each other during an extended lockdown/curfew due to COVID-19.

**NEW** COVID Resource Tracker **NEW**

We have built a simple resource tracker for crisis management. This is meant to help match requests by individuals/organizations with volunteers/supplies and to track request status. You can request/ report availability of food, shelter, medical supplies, elderly care, transport, PPE, masks, 3d printers etc. through filling out a simple form on the tracker: 

**Coming Soon** Help A Stranger **Coming Soon**

A platform for enabling micro-donations to financially affected demographics like daily wage laborers.

Handbook Contents

Regional COVID-19 India Resources

Data and Mapping Efforts

Mapping Efforts  

Google Maps: Query for food shelters/ night shelters, e.g. “food shelters in agra”, “night shelters in agra”

Neighbourhood Dashboard : Map based view of regional resources and volunteers by Reap Benefit

COVID SOS:  Connecting distressed individuals with volunteers.

COVID Maps: Locate local stores that sell essentials

BBMP-Food for the needy: Bangalore map of centers distributing food for the needy

Bangalore City Police South Division Map: Essential stores

GHMC - Free food and hospitals with isolation facilities : Hyderabad : Mapping people who need a meal in Mumbai

Find COVID patient nearest to you in Ahmedabad

Mapping Requests

Bangalore Distress Map: Run by Naavu Bhaarateeyaru Bangalore

Region wise datasheets:  Karnataka, Pune, Mumbai , Kolkata

Deep regional resources detailing local hospital information, mental health resources and local volunteer availability.


Curated Datasets by Sattva

Helping summarize COVID-19 related resource requests and availability

More Crowdsourcing Efforts / Compiled Data

Essential Services Data 

Crowdsourced list of essential service providers (such as free food, police, ambulances, hospitals, mental well being counselling, delivery services, etc.) across the country by Please submit new entries here.

Donation Listing and Local volunteers in India

A listing of donation drives, shelters, helplines, government resources and on the ground volunteers to help navigate the Covid-19 pandemic by


Compilation of doctors on call, government officers, helpline numbers and govt./private labs, etc.

Relief Efforts in India

A list of initiatives to support vulnerable groups (e.g.homeless, trash pickers,migrant workers, etc.) during the COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdown.

India Covid Relief

A compilation of medical/economic relief efforts and other resources in India

COVID Crisis Corps

Ongoing Compilation of various types of data including resource availability (mainly Chennai area)

Startups vs COVID 19

A compilation of initiatives taken by Indian startups to help with the COVID 19 crisis

For Manufacturers/Suppliers

Call for manufacturers by Govt. of India

Open call for organizations manufacturing or supply of medical items related to use in COVID-19.


A centralized repository of manufacturers, distributors, 3D printing organizations of various medical equipments required to battle out COVID-19. Add yourself here.

PPE and Medical

ICMR Approved List of PPE manufacturers  

This is a government approved list of mask, sanitizer and glove manufacturers

State level estimates of Hospitalization needs in India

Estimates by researchers affiliated with CDDEP and Princeton

PPE Kits Status

An analysis of availability of PPE and specifications

Information and Education 

COVID-19 Awareness material in Indian languages 

COVID-19 awareness material in multiple regional languages developed by volunteers. Also see this thread and this folder for more data.


Hub of resources developed by research institutions in India


A verified crowd-sourced guide to staying safe in Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

Debunking Myths and Fighting Fake News surrounding COVID-19

Fighting misinformation in Whatsapp/Facebook and other media platforms in India

Curated Media to better understand COVID-19

Curated articles, videos, podcasts, and documentaries to make sense of the trajectory of COVID-19


Situational Awareness

Tracking Infections and Quarantines in India

Reliable sources with tracking information, infection growth rates and other data

Government orders by state

A good list of orders by state relating to COVID-19

Interventions of states

A list of interventions that state governments have announced in response to COVID-19

Community Organization and Volunteering Resources

**NEW** Lessons from the field **NEW**  

Collecting playbooks and strategies for volunteers and affected individuals

**NEW** How to support Daily wagers and small businesses? **NEW**

Learning from discussions of the Bangalore Changemaker group

Support communities and helplines

These are local Indian groups/NGO’s and informal facebook/ whatsapp/telegram or other relevant online groups.

Low cost/Open Source DIY Emergency Supply Alternatives

DIY Ventilators, masks, hand sanitizer and other critical and non-critical supplies for when the resource crunch begins to occur.

Active Volunteering Opportunities

List of open opportunities

Volunteer Training Modules

Training modules (clinical care and others ) for persons including volunteers for large scale pandemic response

Volunteer Resources and HOW-TO’s

Learning how to self-organize and perform common COVID-19 related response tasks. Some resources here are from other COVID-19 affected countries, with references to what works and what doesn’t.    

Community Resources for Vulnerable Sections

NGOs/Volunteers providing meals, rations, health kits, shelter and running errands for the vulnerable sections of society, namely, the elderly, daily wage earners, migrant workers, young mothers, health workers and so on.

Pandemic Response Plan

An attempt to bring together experts & practitioners from relevant fields and to put together a set of guidelines that will help Civil Society Organizations, to focus their work, amplify efforts and provide support to the sections of society that need it the most by the Azim Premji Foundation.

Business and Economy

COVID-19 Impact on Hiring in India

Tracker for hiring updates by Indian companies

India Business Immunity Platform

Comprehensive official resource to help businesses and investors get real-time updates on India’s active response to COVID-19

Resources for Companies

Collection of resources on how to manage COVID-19 and its effects on your organization

COVID-19 Trends

Trends tracker during COVID-19

Technical Corner

How to create a COVID-19 app for your region?   

Help your community find COVID-19 related support resources by creating a simple phone app by following this procedure. Explore the Bangalore App &  Pune App.

COVID-19 Hackathon Outcomes

Apps/solutions from Indian hackathons

Data Drop

This is an unvetted collection of potentially useful data mined from Whatsapp/ Telegram/ Facebook/ Twitter, etc. You can volunteer to organize this section and submit content as well, please contact us on slack[a][b] for permissions.

Open Source IISc COVID-19 projects

Consolidated list of COVID-19 related efforts at the institute

COVID-19 India Datasets

Community collected, cleaned and organized COVID-19 India datasets

COVID-19 Innovations Deployment Accelerator

Initiative to help fast-track promising innovations for pilot deployment, scaling through industry partnership, navigating regulatory pathway and connecting with investors.

Resources for Individuals

Note: These are dynamic lists which are expected to change as the situation develops.

Emergency Helpline Numbers

Official numbers assisting the COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19 Government / WHO Run Groups and Smartphone apps

Official Telegram/Whatsapp groups/apps helping with COVID-19

COVID-19 Government Run Communications Pages

These are official resources for state-level and national updates.

COVID-19 India Testing Centers and First Response Hospitals

Approved Testing Centers and first response hospitals with their locations/contact number and capacity.

Quarantine Locations

These are approved locations where infected patients can be quarantined.

Legal COVID App

A resource to access federal and central resources and regulations related to COVID-19. Also provides a launching point to apply for curfew passes by State.  

Landlord Communication Template

Template to request for a rent reduction during the crisis.

Stores open near you

Crowdsourced list of verified stores and services operating in Bangalore during the shutdown

Covid-19 Government Measures

Orders/circulars/notifications/notices as issued by the various State and Central Government in relation to COVID-1

Covid-19 Social Security in India
This site archives material on relief measures being announced and undertaken by the Union and the state governments in India in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic induced economic distress.

COVID-19 Art, Poetry, Humor, etc.

Because why not. Add your entries here.

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